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Most people that have access to the internet go to search engines first when they are looking for a product or service. For this reason, it is important for every business to be as visible as possible in those searches. If you appear where your clients are searching, they are more likely to become your client instead of your competitor’s client.

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Being ranked high on Google for important searches is crucial for a few reasons. Firstly, by rule, the higher you’re ranked on Google, the more likely a potential client will click on your website as opposed to your competitors. The higher you are ranked, the higher percentage of clicks you get. In addition, over 80% of Google users completely skip the ads and go straight to the natural organic results.

More Website Visitors

The higher your rankings are on Google, the higher percentage of clicks you will get for those searches. The reason for this is simple, you are more visible. Think about it…. you make a search on Google, who are you more likely to click on? The top 3 results on the first page or bottom 3 results on the second page? Because of this increased visibility, a natural increase in organic traffic to the website is the typical result of a successful SEO campaign.

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