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Google Ads are one of the single most powerful pieces of any approach to digital marketing. By allowing you to appear right near the top of highly relevant and targeted searches, they put your business in the spotlight like never before. The problem is that with established players in every industry already spending big when it comes to their Google Ad budgets, it can be hard to get real value in the market.

The secret is to partner with an experienced team that can provide professional Google Ads Management with the click of a button. That way you can maximize your ROI, optimize your lead generation, and grow your business all at the same time.

Put Your Business in the Spotlight

When you want to find something out you go straight to Google.

Need a vacation? You go to Google.

Need an auto repair shop? You go to Google.

Need an emergency plumber? You go to Google.

The list is endless, but the key point is that whenever your customers are looking for the right solution, they’re looking on Google. This means that if you want to catch their eye you’re going to need to be right at the top of the rankings but waiting to move up the rankings organically is not the only option.

By paying to run targeted ads in relevant search results, you can effectively jump to the head of the queue if you know what to target and how to execute. It’s all about putting your business in the spotlight with a smart approach your competitors wish they knew about.


Increase Visibility in Relevant Searches

Appearing as a featured Google Ad in as many different searches as possible may sound like a good thing, but really it misses the point. Each time you appear, and your ad is clicked on it costs you money, which means you only want to be found by the people who really need you: your target audience.

By taking a targeted and strategic approach to Google Ads Management, you can ensure that you only focus on the most relevant of searches. There will no doubt be other search terms with far higher traffic, but it will be traffic that isn’t really looking for you and your business. By staying focused when it comes to the search you’ll be able to connect with the very people who need you, and no one else.

Generate New Leads

Now that you’re appearing at the top of relevant searches, you can start to turn those clicks into leads and sales. By using highly engaging text that instantly catches the eye and makes every browser want to become a buyer, you can start generating leads with the click of a button. Just what you want when it’s time to grow your business the smart way.


How Do You Build an Ad Campaign?

Investing in Google Ads will often be sold as an overnight or instant fix when you want to generate new leads. The truth is that to make a real difference to your business, your campaign needs to be strategically developed and managed over an extended period of time. This will allow you to target key trends and drivers in your industry so that you can constantly adapt to the changing needs and requirements of your audience.

Our Process

Industry Research

We begin by getting to know your industry as if it were our own. It’s a vital step in the ad management process that allows us to get inside the minds of your customers, understand what they need, and figure out the keywords they’re using to try and find you. Only by laying the right foundations can your ad campaign yield the results you need, which is why we always start with detailed research.

Strategic Bidding

Bidding is what allows you to make maximum use of your budget in a way that makes sound business sense. By taking a strategic approach we ensure that you maximize your return by targeting searches that are highly relevant to your niche, but also rich in potentially lucrative traffic. Creating a strategy that strikes the right balance between relevance and volume is what makes all the difference to your long-term success.

High-Conversion Copy

We invest in professional copywriting to make sure that when your ad is seen, it’s always heard. By finding the most engaging, high-converting phrases and tag lines your audience sees online, we allow you to get your message out there in a truly unique way.

Ad Optimization & Testing

Running an ad and waiting for leads and sales is never enough, especially given the high level of competition for traffic. It’s why we take a proactive approach to testing and optimization so that we can arrive iteratively at ads that work more and more effectively over time. It’s about getting to know the subtle things your audience looks for that you can only get through a combination of experience, customer interaction, and analysis.

Analytics & Analysis

We continuously track ad performance over time and perform detailed analysis of the results. This is what allows us to make adjustments and changes to our strategy so that it adapts to the ever-changing needs of your audience. Our approach uses real-world data from every ad to make targeted recommendations that take the guesswork out of online advertising.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to continuous improvement is what ensures your campaign never gets left behind. By constantly reviewing and refining our approach we put your business in the spotlight today, tomorrow, and for the long-term. It’s what allows us to see the big picture when it comes to Google Ads Management, and it’s why we’re able to offer a sustainable approach that grows your business.

Monthly Performance Reports

When you choose us for your Google Ads Management,
you can be assured of a monthly executive report that includes:
  • The latest ranking details of all focus terms and phrases
  • Easy-to-digest statistics that highlight ad performance
  • A transparent summary of ad spend and bidding practices
  • Targeted recommendations for future improvement

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